I don’t live in Ward 3 - Can I still vote for you?

YES!!! Everyone in Durham will vote for candidates in all three wards.

How do I know if I’m registered?

You can check your registration here: If you are not registered, or your registration is not up to date, you can take care of this at Early Voting (see below).

When is Early Voting?

For the GENERAL ELECTION: October 19- November 4

Hours: M-F 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm; Sun Noon-4pm

You can vote at any of the 4 early voting sites:

  • Board of Elections Office (201 N. Roxboro St. Durham, NC 27701)

  • NC Central Law School Turner Law Building (1801 Fayetteville St. Durham, NC 27707)

  • South Regional Library (4505 South Alston Ave Durham, NC 27713)

  • North Regional Library (221 Milton Road Durham, NC 27712)

Where is Early Voting?

Yes! If you need to register at early voting, proof of residency is required (a NC driver license, a photo ID from a government agency, a current utility bill/bank statement/paycheck/other government document).

Can I register to vote at Early Voting?

Visit this link to find out your polling location:

Where do I vote on the day of the general election?

When is the General Election?

The general election is on November 7th from 6:30am-7:30pm

For more election information contact us or visit: